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Dual Loop Measuring And Controlling Instrument

  • Dual loop measuring and controlling instrument

    Dual loop measuring and controlling instrument

    This series of dual-loop digital display controllers selects a variety of international famous brand electronic components and adopts surface mount processing technology. It is produced by a fully automatic placement machine and has excellent performance and strong anti-interference ability. The instrument supports up to 22 types of signal input, and can be used with various sensors and transmitters to realize physical measurement and display of temperature, pressure, liquid level, speed, flow, etc. The instrument has four built-in relays. The alarm value, upper and lower limit alarm functions, and alarm hysteresis of each relay can be set separately, and the alarm delay and the first power-on suppression function can be set. The operator menu and relay alarm distribution can be customized to meet the needs of different users. With relay alarm control output, analog positive and negative ratio transmission output, RS-485/232 communication, instrument abnormal transmission output selection and other output functions, with dual-screen high-brightness digital tube display, its scope of application is very wide, and can be used for navigation, Aerospace, military industry, steel, chemical industry, petroleum, logistics, food, breeding and other fields.