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Pressure liquid level temperature flow

  • Single loop measuring and controlling instrument

    Single loop measuring and controlling instrument

    The intelligent single-loop display controller is suitable for measurement and control of various temperatures, pressures, liquid levels, lengths, etc. Using a microprocessor for digital operations, it can perform high-precision linear correction on various nonlinear signals.

    The intelligent single-circuit light column display controller integrates digital measurement display and analog measurement display. It adopts digital LED display to accurately display and control real-time measurement values; at the same time, it adopts high-precision 40-line light column display to clearly and intuitively display real-time measurement values. In order to compare with other measurement parameters conveniently and intuitively.


  • Level Transmitter

    Level Transmitter

    Overview DWP-801 liquid level transmitter is developed by introducing the advanced diffused silicon pressure sensor and DWP Sensors circuit technology from NOVA Company of the United States. The high-quality static pressure liquid level measuring instrument has won the title of high-tech product. It is widely used in liquid level measurement in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, food, water conservancy, urban water supply, oil field and other industries. The e...
  • Intelligent digital display instrument

    Intelligent digital display instrument

    Main features ●Double row display process value and set value ●Input signal: thermocouple, thermal resistance, current signal, voltage signal ●Output: relay/solid state relay/current continuous PlD output ●Two groups of relays alarm, multiple alarm modes ●Heating/cooling control optional ●Power supply: 100-240VAC/21-48VAC/DC Optional features ●RS485 communication interface MODBUS/RTU protocol ●Opto-isolated external contact input ●Thermal resistance Pt100/Pt1000 optional ●Slash heating functi...
  • Dual loop measuring and controlling instrument

    Dual loop measuring and controlling instrument

    This series of dual-loop digital display controllers selects a variety of international famous brand electronic components and adopts surface mount processing technology. It is produced by a fully automatic placement machine and has excellent performance and strong anti-interference ability. The instrument supports up to 22 types of signal input, and can be used with various sensors and transmitters to realize physical measurement and display of temperature, pressure, liquid level, speed, flow, etc. The instrument has four built-in relays. The alarm value, upper and lower limit alarm functions, and alarm hysteresis of each relay can be set separately, and the alarm delay and the first power-on suppression function can be set. The operator menu and relay alarm distribution can be customized to meet the needs of different users. With relay alarm control output, analog positive and negative ratio transmission output, RS-485/232 communication, instrument abnormal transmission output selection and other output functions, with dual-screen high-brightness digital tube display, its scope of application is very wide, and can be used for navigation, Aerospace, military industry, steel, chemical industry, petroleum, logistics, food, breeding and other fields.

  • Diffused silicon pressure transmitter

    Diffused silicon pressure transmitter

    Purpose The DWP-800 transmitter is composed of a piezoresistive sensor and a signal conversion module. The core component of the sensor is a monocrystalline silicon wafer. When the monocrystalline silicon wafer is under pressure, its own resistivity will change. Four resistors are diffused on the silicon chip through the semiconductor planar process and connected to form a Wheatstone bridge. Under the action of a constant current, the voltage signal proportional to the pressure signal can be ...
  • Capacitive transmitter

    Capacitive transmitter

    DWP-3051/1151 series capacitive transmitters can be widely used in metallurgy, oil refining, power petrochemical, medicine, paper making, environmental protection food and textile and other industrial sectors to measure the differential pressure, pressure and liquid pressure of liquid, gas and steam. Bit, density, and other parameters can also be used for measurement when matched with a throttle orifice. It converts the measured signal into a 4-20mADC, and combines it with other instruments to form an automatic detection, recording, calculation, adjustment or control instrument, which can form a variety of instruments. Industrial automatic control system.

    This catalog gives a general introduction to the common characteristics of 3051/1151 series capacitive transmitters, including product model name, product series, main features, working principle, function parameters, etc. For more detailed information, please refer to the various Instruction manual for model transmitter.

  • Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    Smart Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    Overview DWP series pipeline type intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is an electromagnetic induction flowmeter, designed according to JB/T9248-999 “Electromagnetic Flowmeter”, suitable for flow calculation of conductive liquid with conductivity greater than 5us/cm; nominal diameter range is 5 To 3000, it is a series of electromagnetic flowmeter products integrating intelligence, small and lightweight integration, multi-function, high precision and high reliability. It consists ...