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Capacitive Transmitter

  • Capacitive transmitter

    Capacitive transmitter

    DWP-3051/1151 series capacitive transmitters can be widely used in metallurgy, oil refining, power petrochemical, medicine, paper making, environmental protection food and textile and other industrial sectors to measure the differential pressure, pressure and liquid pressure of liquid, gas and steam. Bit, density, and other parameters can also be used for measurement when matched with a throttle orifice. It converts the measured signal into a 4-20mADC, and combines it with other instruments to form an automatic detection, recording, calculation, adjustment or control instrument, which can form a variety of instruments. Industrial automatic control system.

    This catalog gives a general introduction to the common characteristics of 3051/1151 series capacitive transmitters, including product model name, product series, main features, working principle, function parameters, etc. For more detailed information, please refer to the various Instruction manual for model transmitter.