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Product Selection Table


Note: There are automatic heating and dehumidification controllers KS-3 (dual temperature and dual humidity function), KS-3-2 (dual humidity function) in special size, both with heater relay alarm function. Dimensions: 60× 120×135mm, hole size: 55×115mm

Ordinary temperature and humidity controller

Temperature and humidity automatic controllers are widely used in special automatic instruments for automatic temperature control and dehumidification in various electrified cabinets. Various faults such as flashover accidents can be effectively monitored and prevented.

4. Appearance and wiring diagram
1. Ordinary panel type (unit: mm)
Panel type:
1, 2, connect to the working power
3, 4, connected to condensation load (for active output)
7, 8, connect the temperature sensor
3, 5, connected to temperature control load (for active output)
9, 10, connect the condensation sensor



2. Ordinary rail type (unit: mm)
Rail type:
1, 2, connect to the working power
1, 8, connected to condensation load (active output)
5, 6, connect the temperature sensor
1, 7, connected to temperature control load (for active output)
3, 4, connect the condensation sensor



Three-button intelligent temperature and humidity controller

1. Overview
The intelligent temperature and humidity controller adopts an analog voltage output temperature and humidity sensor, and displays the temperature and humidity values in the form of digital tubes. The product can also be equipped with RS485 communication interface or alarm switch output, which is used to realize the remote transmission of ambient temperature, humidity value and working state parameters to the upper computer, which is suitable for the requirements of unattended substations. Users can set the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity, cycle display mode, communication parameters, etc. at will through key programming. The product has strong anti-interference ability and high reliability, and meets the GB/T15309-1994 standard.

4. Technical indicators

Measuring range Temperature -40.0℃-+99.9℃
Humidity 1%~99%
Precision Temperature ±1℃
Humidity ±4%
Technical Parameters Data
Control parameter setting range Heating up -40.0℃-+40.0℃
Blast cooling 0.0℃-+100.0℃
Temperature control 1%~99%
Balance value 0-409(℃or%)
Output contact capacity AC250V/5A
Communication Interface RS485.MODBUS(RTU) Protocol

5. Wiring diagram


Four-button intelligent temperature and humidity controller

5. Wiring Diagram