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Power Transmitter, Isolator

  • Ultra-thin signal isolator type A

    Ultra-thin signal isolator type A

    Input specifications Code Input signal Distribution voltage 1 4-20mA field two-wire transmitter 24V Output specifications Code Output signal Output impedance 1 0-2V ≥10K 2 0-5V 3 0-10V 4 1-5V 5 0-10mA ≤1K 6 0-20mA ≤500Ω 7 4-20mA 8 User specified parameter LP Input surge protection In: 5KA Imax: 10KA Features ●Power & alarm LED ●Input surge protection ●Programmable input & output ranges ●Three iso...
  • Ultra-thin signal isolator type B

    Ultra-thin signal isolator type B

    Main functions and features ●Integrate intelligent temperature transmitter, isolator and power distribution in one body ● “Input-Output 1-Output 2-Power” four isolated ●Software nonlinear correction, input and output high linearity conversion ●Software auto-zero, eliminating errors caused by temperature drift and time drift ●Users can set the signal range and signal type through PC8800 ●Can be installed in high density Machine Specifications Structure: Small snap-fit structur...
  • Isolato


    Adopt two-wire transmission mode (power input and signal output are two common wires), and output a 4~20mA current signal that is linear with the measured temperature. The transmitter can be installed in the junction box of the thermocouple and thermal resistance to form an integrated structure, or it can be installed separately in the instrument panel as a conversion unit. As a new generation of lateral temperature instrument, it can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, textile, metallurgy, electromechanical, electric power, aviation, food processing, medical engineering and other industrial and scientific research fields for automatic temperature detection, transmission and control.

  • Power Transmitter

    Power Transmitter

    The power transmitter is a device that converts the measured power parameters (such as current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor, etc.) into isolated DC current, DC voltage or digital signal output.