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Motor protector

  • GY800 motor protector

    GY800 motor protector

    Product overview The new generation of intelligent protector achieves computing power, accident analysis, motor fault report, etc. in addition to conventional low-voltage motor protection, monitoring and control function.As a comprehensive measurement, the motor protection control system can improve the reliability and security of the power supply system of the enterprise, improve automation management level of the enterprise in the operation of the production.LCD full screen display ca...
  • GY600 motor protector

    GY600 motor protector

    Product overview Motor protection device is researched and developed to protect and control motor with high performance digital microprocessor technology, based on the research of similar products abroad and summary of MCC electrical system home.The motor protection device possess international advanced protection function, support professional way of motor control and provide accurate monitoring function, can run for a variety of motor control, monitoring, protection, interlock, measure...
  • GY500 motor protector

    GY500 motor protector

    Introduction Our company is a new technology enterpriseengaged in intelligent motor protector of scientific research, production, sales and technical support, which has in-depth research on the protection of the motorThe motor protector of our company possess those advantages of low price, good quality, great variety of goods, are deeply loved by users.Our comprehensive intelligent motor protectors which adopt advanced 16-bit single chip microcomputer and controller of MICRHIP Company in...
  • Conventional motor protector

    Conventional motor protector

    Introduction GY101 series motor microcomputer monitoring protector is the crystallization of the modern new and high technology which summarized the development and research of motor protector and microcomputer protector., has the advanced field bus interface based on imported IC, intellectual property rights of patent technology and the software copyright.The motor protection is executed and controlled by the microprocessor,support the feeder protection to perform the motor operation, ...