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Microcomputer Harmonic Elimination Device

  • Microcomputer Harmonic Elimination Device

    Microcomputer Harmonic Elimination Device


    In the power system, ferromagnetic resonance occurs frequently, and overvoltage occurs during resonance, which seriously threatens the safety of the system. Ferromagnetic resonance overvoltage can occur in any system from 3 to 220 kV, especially in power grids of 35 kV and below, almost all internal overvoltage accidents are caused by ferromagnetic resonance. The overvoltage caused by ferromagnetic resonance is long-lasting and may even exist for a long time. In the frequency division resonance, the general overvoltage is not high, but the current of the PT is large, which is easy to cause the PT to overheat and explode; in the fundamental wave and frequency multiplication resonance, the general current is not large, but the overvoltage is very high, which often damages the equipment insulation. , causing a serious accident.

    The power microcomputer harmonic elimination device is a new type of intelligent power resonance elimination device developed by our company. It is simple and convenient to use, requires no maintenance, can quickly eliminate ferromagnetic resonance of various frequencies, and has high accuracy. At the same time, the relevant information can be printed or transmitted to the superior monitoring system through the communication interface according to the user’s needs, which is suitable for unattended substations.