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Switch Cabinet Intelligent Control Device

  • Switch Cabinet Intelligent Control Device

    Switch Cabinet Intelligent Control Device

    Product overview

    This product is a brand-new concept switchgear intelligent control device with powerful functions, suitable for 3-35KV Indoor central cabinets, handcart cabinets, fixed cabinets, ring network cabinets and other switch cabinets.

    This product adopts the intelligent control of single-chip microcomputer, which can judge and display the opening and closing status of the switch and the position of the switch handcart. Voice warning prompts for misoperation. It can collect the temperature and humidity in the cabinet in real time, and according to user settings Set to automatically adjust the temperature and humidity environment in the cabinet. This product can also prompt the user whether the high voltage is live, and according to the situation Apply electromagnetic lock working status. The RS485 communication interface of this product can make the device and other equipment in the substation form a real Computer anti-mistake monitoring system.

    This product is manufactured with unique anti-interference design and industrial-grade electronic components, with strong anti-interference ability, which can High reliability. In addition to the above series of standard configuration products, the company can also provide users with Customized products with different functional combinations to meet the diverse needs of users.